S. A. Bolich was born and raised on a farm outside Spokane, Washington, where her favorite toys were the horses in the corral. Clad in cut-offs and cowboy boots, off she would trudge to the back pasture (naturally, the nags were seldom close to the barn), bridle in hand, to catch her horse, an American Saddlebred named Vixen. She learned to swing aboard this 16-hand beast at an early age, being too lazy to walk all the way back to the barn with a perfectly sound horse in tow. She learned to ride bareback because she didn't have her own saddle, and all the others in the tack room were too heavy for her to lift.

From trail riding in the wilderness of Washington State she progressed to a mounted drill team, and then took up dressage and three-day eventing in her late twenties. While she doesn't event anymore, she is still in love with the limitless possibilities in dressage, forever striving for that perfect harmony of horse and rider that looks so effortless, and is so bloomin' hard. She writes about life with her two Thoroughbreds, Pilot and Nellie, in her "Horses in Fiction" blog series, which is aimed at helping fellow writers keep their fictional equines from accumulating all the inaccurate Hollywood clichés from the silver screen.

Her writing grew naturally from the time she learned to hold a pencil. At last! She had a means to write down the stories she had composed in her head until then. She won her first writing contest in the sixth grade, and went on to college with the notion of majoring in history and writing historical novels. But somehow she got sidetracked (into the Army, to be precise), after taking an ROTC class for fun. After several years in Germany as a military intelligence officer, she was forced to choose between her career and her spouse and resigned her commission.

Her father loved to travel, and instilled that wanderlust in his youngest daughter. With him, travels ranged from nine-day horseback trips in the Cascade Mountains to an epic 12,000-mile road trip around the western United States in a Chevy van named The Orange Crate. That, plus the happy hours spent playing outside as a grubby farm kid, means that S. A. Bolich's fantasy worlds are lived-in, dusty, full of exotic smells and strange sights, and are inhabited by people (sometimes a loose interpretation of the term) who reach out and grab us by the throat and make us care about their problems. And oh, what problems! You will never look at fire the same way again after you have spent time with her Firedancer, Jetta, or hear "just" the wind moaning around the corners on a winter night after reading Windrider. And yes, you will find that history degree at work in books like In Heaven's Shadow, with its perfectly authentic Civil War setting, or in the Museum of the Arcane stories in Out of the Vaults, where history and magic collide.

S. A. Bolich's work has been published in many fantasy and science fiction venues. She is often accused of keeping her readers up all night and making them miss their bus stops. She, of course, takes no responsibility for these consequences of buying her work. 

Her books are readily available wherever books are sold.

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