The Heart of God

How hard can it be to find a wife for your royal brother? Alarion Aravon, enjoying a peaceful respite from his struggle with the gods and the machinations of the heathen tribes across the border, quickly discovers that the battlefield was probably safer. The three candidates each have their virtues . . . and their drawbacks. A royal comedy quickly turns to deadly danger, for two of the candidates seem to prefer him to the King, and Alarion discovers, to his consternation, that he is falling in love with someone he can't honorably court. Hampered by his own lack of experience with the fair sex, he must summon all of his considerable skill at diplomacy—and sheer willpower—to head off an epic scandal.

And while the Great Dance of Sevakandi politics occupies most of his mind, he still must investigate the mysterious disappearance of his closest friend, and the new and disturbing tendency of the tribes to wear coins sporting his likeness. Meanwhile, the gods are not done pursuing their own plans for him. Is it the trickster Thousandth God or Death or of Fate who seems so determined to twist everything inside out? Alarion must set aside the longings of his own heart to find out. And to keep everyone, including himself, alive. Because one of those girls will, quite literally, kill to be Queen.

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"The emotional intensity of this story will carry you along with it... An excellent book, with emotional depth, characters you will love (and in some cases hate!), and an intriguing plot. I highly recommend it.


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