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Wishes and Horses was first published in Tales of Moreauvia a few years ago. This is a bit of a Weird Western, featuring the dilemma of a young widow whose magic is exploited by everyone in town except her. But smitten Jimmy Benning has other ideas for a gal who can make tiny little living ponies out of a hunk of dough and a cookie cutter.

The Wrath of God is the fourth book of the Fate's Arrow series, coming in 2016. Watch for the cover reveal!

The updated covers for The Mask of God, The Mark of God, and The Heart of God have been released! I am very pleased with this work by the very talented Fiona Jayde.

A free ebook to the first person to spot these two in the wild! They are brand new and not even up at the bookstores yet.



Bear with us while we try to get these Kindle covers updated at Amazon. It is an... interesting... process.
Book 3 of Fate's Arrow finds Alarion recovered from his quest in the desert but facing a new challenge: girls. It is time for his brother, Traven, to choose a queen, and the three candidates each have their virtues...and their drawbacks. A royal comedy overlays a much deadlier business, for one of the losers takes it poorly, and Alarion discovers, to his consternation, that he is in love with one of the others. As if that were not enough, he must investigate the mysterious disappearance of his closest friend, and the new and disturbing tendency of the tribes to wear coins sporting his likeness. And through it all, Fate and Seev and the Thousandth God are not done pursuing their own plans for him...

"The emotional intensity of this story will carry you along with it... An excellent book, with emotional depth, characters you will love (and in some cases hate!), and an intriguing plot. I highly recommend it." Amazon

Dr. Willoughby Thorne always wanted to work for the Smithsonian. Instead, he ended up the curator of the Museum of the Arcane, master (more or less) of three public floors and 772 vaults full of restless artifacts imbued with their own ideas of their place in history. Endowed with the accumulated might of the artifacts themselves, it is his job to keep them in line—and in their cases. Some can wreak disaster even by being good. 

Aided by a museum staff that could kindly be called eccentric, Will fights to keep the objects from corrupting an unsuspecting public...even when the museum has other ideas!

"I didn't want this to end, and you won't either."


"I tried to stretch this out, only two stories a day, but even then, it only lasts so long. I'm looking forward to the second reading, but treat yourself to the first run-through." 


Book 2 of Fate's Arrow takes up mere days after the action in The Mask of God. Fate's arrow has touched Alarion, setting the fearsome scar of what should have been a mortal wound on his chest. Now well snared in the machinations of the god Stoneshaker, he refuses a future shaped by either of them and rides back into Nemistak to learn why the One God of the tribes has survived 300 years of exile.

As he searches for a way to alter the future Fate has planned for him, she fends off the ambitions of her fellow gods. But none of them has reckoned with the wild, ungovernable Thousandth God and his fearsome dice...

" interesting read... Bolich artfully creates the world and reveals the doubts many have of religion through the eyes of a young man... rich in imagery and depth." 

Bookie Monster

In Book 4 of The Masters of the Elements, Athuun ak’Kal discovers that he has accidentally awakened Earth Mother in his attempt to help Jetta ak'Kal and her company master the Ancient at the headwaters of the River Melth.

Hoping to learn how to control his talent, he accompanies his new companions as they head home to Annam Vale. But in Annam, he finds that the only answers are to be found deep under the mountains, the one place he swore he would never go again. But go he must, seeking to close the Ancient’s cage before the Mother closes it herself—by shaking the world apart.

"Delver starts quietly and builds steadily into a gut-wrenching climax involving all the characters you've come to love and ending the series perfectly."  



I'll be at Miscon in Missoula, Montana May 27-30, participating on various panels and reading from The Wrath of God. See the News page for details.

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