The Wrath of God,
the fourth book of the Fate's Arrow series, is coming September 6, 2016. Sign up for the Sneak Peeks newsletter for an exclusive advance look inside.

Alarion Aravon is eagerly awaiting his royal brother Traven's wedding, for it will be followed closely by his own. Meantime, rumors that his old enemy Stoneshaker, god of earthquakes, may be reviving down in the province of An-Utah trouble him enough to investigate, only to find an earthquake of a different kind awaiting him. Neither the fanatical tribes across the border nor his old friend, the Glassmaker, have forgotten their quest to make him their Messiah—the man who will lead the holy war against Alarion’s own people.


The Mask of God by S. A. Bolich
The Mark of God by S. A. Bolich The Heart of God by S. A. Bolich

Coming soon:

The Judgment of God
The Hand of God

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Firedancer by S. A. Bolich Windrider by S. A. Bolich Seaborn by S. A. Bolich Delver by S. A. Bolich

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Out of the Vaults by S. A. Bolich And don't forget to watch for

The Freak Show on the Mall: More Stories from the Museum of the Arcane

Coming Fall 2016

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In Heaven's Shadow by S. A. Bolich A Civil War widow learns that it's not death or Yankees or even learning to live with a ghost that's hard. What's hard is explaining all the peculiar happenings at her house to the neighbors.

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